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How To Change Router Password In Netgear – Netgear Router Login

How To Change Router Password In Netgear – Netgear Router Login
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Netgear is a popular multi-national company that provides hardware and networking equipment of high quality. Many people choose to buy products from this brand and apart from D-link, iball and other popular brands; this is also preferred in the networking industry. If you are having a router which you have recently purchased then you need to change the default admin password of the router and also do configuration settings. This is important for security purposes and also to make optimum and personalized use of the router. If you are not good at networking and do not know how to manage your router, then we will provide you with a step by step guide to set passwords and make settings to your Netgear router.

How To Change Netgear Router Password?

Setup Netgear router

There are several methods to change the password of the router of the Netgear Company. Three most popular ones are mentioned here.

Method 1: If You Want To Change The Netgear Router wifi Password or Network Name i.e. SSID:

  • Step1: First you must launch a browser and then enter the URL as https://www.routerlogin.net in the address bar section.
  • Step2: You will see a screen where you will be prompted to enter the username and password.
  • Step3: If you have not set the password till now then you must use the default credentials which are admin and password. Then click OK.
  • Step4: You will see the home page that displays the BASIC tab. Select wireless on this page.
  • Step5: You would be asked to enter the username in the SSID or name field and then enter a new password in the Password or Network Key field.
  • Step6: Click on Apply and your settings will be saved and now you can use your new password for login purposes.

Netgear Router SSID Password

Note: If after changing the password the device disconnects from the wifi then you must check the available wireless networks once again and enter the new password to log in.

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Method 2: To Change The Netgear Router wifi Password or Username i.e. SSID Using the Smart Wizard Method:

Step1: Open a browser window and enter the URL https://www.routerlogin.net into the address bar.

Step2: You will be prompted to enter the username and password. If you have not changed the default credentials then use admin as username and password as the password.

change Netgear Router wifi Password with Smart Wizard Method

Step3: After you are logged in you will see the option of Wireless Settings under Setup.

Step4: Change the name and/or password that you want to change. Click on Apply and your changes would be saved.

Method 3: How to Change The Admin Password of The Netgear Router?

If you buy a Netgear router then it would come with default settings of the router. You can access the configuration section of the router using the web address routerlogin.com and then you will get the router’s interface using the username and password as admin and password respectively. You can change the default password in order to improve the network security. Follow these steps to change the password:

  • Step1: Launch the browser using a wireless device or a computer connected to the router.
  • Step2: enter the URL for Netgear router as https://routerlogin and then enter the username and password.
  • Step3: After you are logged in then go to Advanced tab and then Administration and Set Password.

change netgear router password

  • Step4: You will have to enter the old password and a new password and then confirm the new password.
  • Step5: If you need assistance in recovering your password in future then select the option of Enable Password Recovery. Click on Apply and your settings will be saved.
    These are some methods to set Netgear router password.

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